About TechCon

About The Event

Microsoft Cloud Experts and our Industry leading Partners are excited to bring “Azure TechCon 2018”, Azure Conference to Microsoft Technology Center, Las Colinas, TX. This 2 days learning event is designed for Data Architects, Application Developers and IT Professionals.

Azure TechCon is featuring 18 breakout sessions focusing on Bigdata Analytics, Machine learning, Modern Application Development, DevOps, Microservices, Containers, Serverless, Hybrid Infrastructure, Cloud Governance and many more. During this event attendees will design close to Realtime solution architectures, utilizing Azure Services in guidance of an experienced Microsoft Azure Architect in a Whiteboard Design Session. Followed by whiteboard design sessions, attendees will work on hands on labs that will give them experience and confidence to quickly start building solutions on Azure.


Microsoft Technology Center,
Las Colinas, TX


Thursday, Friday
May 31 to June 1, 2018

What you’ll discover at conference

Whiteboard Design Sessions

Whiteboard Design Sessions (WDS) format is designed to provide an immersive experience to attendees. During the session attendees will work in a groups setting and will come up with a solution architecture diagram and alternative approaches to solve a close to real time scenario. This model helps attendees, learn to brainstorm in a collaborative environment with a team of individuals with very diverse perspective.


Hands-on-labs are great tool for attendees to quickly setup a prototype of a given scenarios. Attendees don’t need to have extensive experience or Azure to preform these labs. They are designed to be very interactive and provide step-by-step guidance to set up a solutions Azure.

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